Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sorry these 2 weeks very busy, no time post.

Sorry these 2 weeks got some very important assignment and test and presentation to do, so no time posting. Will post as soon as i am free. probably this weekend after all my presentation and assignments are done. paiseh

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Busy Day

Today really is a busy day. Trying hard to finish my IT assignment. Haha i realise when i dont have anything to post, i should juz post FOODS! dunno what else can i post liao...... So these are what we ate today. Went to "Dong1 Fong1 Puo1." The food is not bad la, but the serving is really too little liao.

Something Kang Hong ordered. Small serving eh, this cost RM5 leh. Sure pok kai soon la us.

This one i dun wan say. Shit ppl eat de.......

This looks only like soup, but there is noodle inside. Ordered by the half Indian.

Ah Kiong that idiot trying to destroy rice again. but lucky i took the photo right before he destroyed it

Monday, May 5, 2008

IT Assignment!!!

Whoa today i woke up at almost 12 leh, hardly sleep till so late on weekdays. Went to school at 3 and decided not to go to class cause i have to do my IT assignment. So i went to the Hostel Lounge. However it is a very bad idea. i went there, saw few of my friends, and started playing DotA. Didnt even did a shit there. Nvm la. Decided to do the stupid assignment later tonight. Furthermore the due date is this coming Friday. So i think i tonight no need sleep le la.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday 4th May

Went to listen to the car stuffs this morning. Its so damm bored cause i dont even understand Malay and the lecture is conducted in Malay. Furthermore it is compulsory in order to get a license. I dont understand why should it be. Tay(my unstructor) told me to juz go and sit there. I did and wasted my 5 hours!!!!! Stupid JPJ and stupid Stuffs. But luckily i met Hong Ping(i think i lidat spell la). So it was not so bored la.

HAHA i realise i am so stupid
I put the red texts and when others ask me about them
I dun dare to tell them
Then why did i wrote it there for?
Acting emo ba.
Therefore this would be the LAST
I've decided to choose.
Either i move on and leave it behind
I move on with it.

Friday, May 2, 2008

OMG today's test was SHIT!!!

SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT, i totally screwed the paper. The test was on trigo, which i have learnt before. but i forgot everything. Sine graph, Cos Graph and these stuffs. All dunno how to do le!!! Plus now got somemore new formulas, never even see b4 de. Maybe i never see b4 nia la. What a bad day it is today. I siao liao la. This test counted in overall mark 1 leh....... But lucky 10% nia la. Hope dun fail too badly can le.

Trying to make a choice
That benefits all of us
Including him if possible

My SB(Swinburne) Friends!

Today was a boring day except some stupid stuff that Ah Kiong did. I'll Show you all who he is and what that idiot did later.
Today Kiong drove Sam, Kang Hong and I out for lunch during the 2 hour break. We went to "Chen Ji" to eat. Not very expensive but the serving is too small. All 4 of us did not have enough. U can see from these pics. They so giam siap hor!!!! Even the drink, 1/4 cup is bubble leh, how drink bubble? Ignore that idiot first.......18 year old le still so childish!!! Hopeless liao la.....

Obviously all of us did not have enough, so we decided to go have Roti Canai(known as Roti Prata in SG) somewhere opposite SB. The car ride there was so dangerous. The driver, YONG HUA KIONG, "Hao Lian" and lifted up both his hands when the car is in a roundabout and at around 50km/h. He wan us dead. That Samuel worse, ask Kiong to left up his hand for 5 secs. Obviously after 5 secs we will all be waiting for an Ambulance....... Luckily he still got a small piece of brain to tell him not to do that. If he does that, dunno he no brain or brain got mould la. The Roti Canai really made us so full. When we went back into the school, while parking, Ah Kiong said sth suddenly. He said in mandarin, 'I will lose him 1 meh?' then he parked so damm near to the wall. He is actually comparing who parked nearer to the wall with the car beside. He dont even know whose car is it. U'll know what i mean when u see the pics. The white car is his.

Ok he is mad......

Now to my SB friends!!! Those i will be mentioning are Kang Hong, Samuel Ting, Jonathan Naidu and Yong Hua Kiong. The better ones la.

Firstly, Kho Kang Hong!

A guy from Kuching^^. Juz came out from NS and joined SB so he is my junior!!!!! Haha i so fast senior le leh. He is one of us who keep going out in the mad guy's car for lunch and stuffs. He look very serious nia la, but actually everywhere look for pretty girl. Haha JK la, later tio him scold.

Next up, Samuel Ting!!!!
Someone from Sibu, another city in Sarawak. He sound very gentle and very quiet de. But when u get closer to him and know him better, when he joke, OMG so cold and sometimes a bit pervertic. But he's a nice guy la. Stays in SB hostel, poor thing la. The link of his blog is below. Take a look if u wanna know more about him. He is one of the person who teaches me to blog! Gam xia Samuel SIFU.

Now, Jonathan Naidu!!!
Him ah..... Very rojak 1. An Half Indian, half chinese, dun understand Tamil and speaks chinese, and looks like a Malay!!! Rojak leh...... He got extremely itchy fingers. See what, sure wan touch de. This will be a good example.
Samuel so guai studying for tomorrow's test then
that rojak go kacau him.

Finally the idiot, YONG HUA KIONG!!!!!&^%$%#&&#$

When i called him to take his pic......


Siao 1 hor him. really hopeless kid liao la....... But still he very funny la. When gets serious, he will push up his glasses and bend down nearer to whatever he is doing. But he wont be serious for long 1 la. Sure after not more than 10 mins sit up and start kacau ppl le. I say too much about him le la. Not worth typing so much for him!!! Come whack me la kiong~~~ Wait u arh....... But still, he's a trustworthy friend la. What a strange 1......

Thats about it for today. Quite long hor Ambrose!!! Yesterday complain my posts too short as compared to Agnes'. Oh ya forgot to thank another of my SIFU, AGNES LEE!!*clap clap*(her fav while blogging). Haha. Need study for my Engineering Math exam tomorrow...... Aduh trigo also forgot le la. Die le lo.

I Am Still Searching For Answers

Hoping To Make A Decision

That I Will Never Regret

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Today i celebrated Labour Day, So i did nothing!!

Stayed home for the whole day today, play maple, then dota, then maple, and dota again...... So free ah today, but didnt even do anything on my it assignment. Juz no mood to do it. Dunno why leh.... Someone gimme some motivation pls?

On Sunday, 27th of April, is one of the best night of my life, i really mean it. Other than the ones like dinner at Paris la(thanks ben, edwin and marcus~!~!~!~!~!). After so long of asking ppl to organize, Keith and Alvin finally organized my primary school class gathering!!!! 6m!!! We had a lot a lot of fun eventhough we had not met for quite sometime. Especially Ambrose arh, u still so cute like last time, still so childish arh....... Sorry that i forgot some of u. But after this gathering i wont forget le la.

The event was not only a gathering for ppl from 6m, it is also a farewell party for Keith as he is heading back to Perth, and will only be back in 5 years minimum. Waseh lidat might as well dun come bak...... Almost everyone changed except Ambrose. Ppl like yu yang, he grew a bit thinner leh, i must admit. Adrian still as short, Keith so popular now wor!!!!! LOLX

Here are some picture taken on Sunday!!!!!

This is one of the few group pic that we took that night. Cause with Yu Yang around, all group pic without him will be chaotic.

I know we look gay in this, all Yu Yang's fault, his idea to put our hands that way!!

Another group pic~~

There is a good example of Yu Yang's CHILDISHNESS!~

Have i really lost?
Or is there still a chance?